Different Types of Input and Output Devices of Computer

Different Types of Input and Output Devices of Computer
Different Types of Input and Output Devices of Computer

 Types of Input and Output Devices

 Input devices are used to provide input to the computer. The input we provide from the input devices is Human understandable and it is converted into machine understandable form of 0's and 1's. These input devices are capable of converting data into a form which can be recognized by the computer. A computer can have some input devices. Some of the input devices are a keyboard, mouse, OCR, joystick, MICR, etc.


The common input device that everyone knows is the keyboard. The keyboard consists of some keys that enable you to give input to the computer. The keyboard consists of different keys they are alphabetic keys which are used to enter letters, numeric keys to enter numbers, punctuation keys to enter the comma, period, semicolon etc., functional keys to perform some functions.  The keyboard identifies the key pressed and generates the ASCII codes correspondingly that can be recognized by the computer.

Some different types of keyboards are

1.Standard keyboard 
2.Wireless keyboard
3.Virtual keyboard
4.Compact keyboard 

Standard keyboards

These keyboards have their basic layout. These keyboards will have 105 or 108 keys. These are the most common types of keyboards.

Wireless keyboards

It is a keyboard that does not need to be connected to the system via the cable. So we can use it more comfortably. It can be connected to the computer by using Bluetooth, infrared and radio frequency. Its usable range is 40 feet distance from the computer.

Virtual keyboards

These keyboards are used only in the devices like smartphone, tablet, etc. They open up as a software and provide us to give input. They are very much useful because we can use them in the smaller devices. These keyboards are very efficient.

Compact keyboards 

These keyboards are very slim and these keyboards do not have numeric keys that are present in the regular standard keyboards. These are usually used in laptops because there will be not much space and here size is the main issue. These keyboards have such keys that a single key can perform multiple functions. Since the size of the keyboard is small it can be used effectively using finger movements.


It is an input device that can control the movement of the cursor on the display. The display is in the form of graphical points dot called pixels. It is a small device you can navigate along the surface which is flat and smooth. In the mouse there will be a small ball or IR rays kept inside that touches the bottom surface where the mouse is moved through a hole at the bottom of the mouse When the mouse is moved on the flat surface the ball rolls and position on the screen. These movements of the ball are converted into some signals and it is sent to the computer. There will be 3 buttons on the mouse namely right and left button the top of the mouse used to select an option and there will be a scroll button which is used to scroll down or up. For smooth working of the device, we will use the mouse pads. It is a popular and very common device in modern computers.


It is an input device which consists of a stick that turns on a base and reports it's direction to the device it is controlling. This input device is used to control the video games and some stimulating programs, usually have some push buttons on it whose state can also be read by the computer. It is commonly used for playing the video games. This device is also used for controlling machines such as cranes, trucks, underwater vehicles, lawn movers, CCTV cameras.


Some specially printed forms are designed with boxes or circles which can be marked with a dark pencil or ink. These documents are fed into a reader those documents are read, which transcribes those marks into electrical pulses which are sent to the computer. This is used in competitive exams of objective type answer papers evaluation which a large number of Candidates appears.

Types of Output Devices

An output is an information that is obtained after processing. The output must be presented in the human understandable format, the output devices are capable of presenting output in the human understandable format. There are a lot of output devices with the computers.

Let us take a look at some output devices.


The monitor is a well-known output device. It provides a visual display of data. This device is connected to the computer. It looks like a television. 

Types of Monitors 

1.Cathode ray tube (CRT)
2.Liquid crystal display(LCD)
3.Thin Film Transistors (TFT)
4.Light Emitting Diode(LED)


The printer is also another output device that is used to print some text or images on the paper or other media. The print obtained from the printer is called "hard copy". There are different kinds of printers depending on the speed and printing quality. Let us take a look at them.

1.Line printers
2.Dot matrix printers
3.Inkjet printers
4.Laser printers
5.Thermal printers


Speakers are also the output devices that produce audio output. The analog signals are converted into audio. As technology is developed there are many speakers are available in the market.

Hence these are some of the types of input and output devices.

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